Kaboom Shower, Tub and Tile Cleaner, RATING: VERY GOOD

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I got some examples of "Kaboom" via the post office and chose to play out some scientific tests to check whether Kaboom is so great.  

To start with, I uncovered the electron magnifying lens from underneath the storage room, just as the transformed rapid centrifuge,....Ha Ha... Simply Kidding. I extremely just proceeded to clean the bathroom, with the assistance of my not exactly so excited little girl. Find out about our kaboom shower cleaner experience below!  


I utilized Kaboom Shower, Tub and Tile Cleaner to clean our bathrooms (on the proper surfaces) and my little girl and I also completed a next to each other test with "Scouring Bubbles" bathroom cleaner in the child's bathroom sink region.  

One next to the other Test: We each took up our weapons and splashed one sink with Kaboom and the other with Scrubbing Bubbles and let both sit for the endorsed time of 1-3 minutes. At that point we cleared off the cleaning specialists with cotton clothes, washing the clothes intermittently in new water so we could flush away however much of the cleaning operator as could reasonably be expected (I don't prefer to leave everything shrouded in synthetics, particularly with toothbrushes and so forth flying around.) Finally, we got dry the surfaces with perfect material cloth.  

Both Kaboom and Scrubbing Bubbles cleaned the tile surface well. However there was a discernible difference in the harder to clean zones, for example, the grout creases, the sink channel and the difficult to achieve zones around the spigots and handles. On these territories, the Kaboom was vastly improved and cleaned the grout with no additional scouring. (Typically I need to get out the old toothbrush to get it clean.)  

Kaboom also gained significant ground on a rust stain that has been especially precarious. We needed to scour to get it to fall off, however, be that as it may, it had been there for a while and nothing else even approached. Kaboom also expelled our secret stain that, as well as can be expected tell was either red lipstick or red ink pen that had spilled into the grout. We had thought about it lasting, yet I am glad to report it is currently 90% gone.  

The Best Part: - My absolute most loved disclosure was that Kaboom got the glass shower slow down in the ace shower clean in a jiffy. This has been an issue for me since they are a genuine torment in the arse to clean (so I frequently skip them), and what with all the showering we do the soap rubbish develop destroyed the entire look of my generally decent sparkly bathroom. This is the place Kaboom sparkled! (Quip planned). Every one of that was required was a splash, pause and wipe. Spiffy!